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Quality Policy

Universal Choice Wholesaler is a supplier of packaging, medical, surgical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, childcare, laboratory, beauty, scientific, educational and office supplies products. The Quality Management system has been designed to conform to ISO 9001 and meet the requirements laid down by the Australian Standards Association. This Quality Management System has been designed and implemented as a means of ensuring that products supplied by Universal Choice Wholesaler are of the highest quality, and in every case meet the needs and requirements of Universal Choice customers.

The quality and reliability of Universal Choice products is the concern of every person in the organisation and not just the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance personnel.

It is an important requirement of this policy that the Company supply its customers with the products that are suitable for their intended purposes and that conform to the relevant agreed specifications or contract. Wherever Australian Standards apply, Universal Choice ensures that the products supplied conform to the appropriate standards. For therapeutic goods, the company adheres to the import labeling requirements and guidelines stipulated by the Department of Health.

The procedures outlined in the Universal Choice Quality Manual describe how the quality system is designed to ensure that customer requirements are recognised and that consistent control of those requirements are established, implemented and maintained.

Proper adherence to the policy is a requirement of every aspect of the company's business. This policy is issued to clearly indicate Universal Choice’s attitude with regard to quality and other related matters. Such policy-initiated actions are essential for long-term success in maintaining a competitive position by reputation as well as in achieving customer satisfaction.

Universal Choice ISO Certificate